First Writes With A Pen

My first pen was a gift from a friend in 90s.

I fell in lust with this beautiful dark emerald green of a roller ball, and while I never knew the make or model of it,  I just knew that this was Special and I would write Great Things with it. I would weigh my pretty in my hands, taking pride in the glean of  its fake-gold tinted clasp and just feeling like a Writer.

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Everything but the Cat

Our crashing-over began with the cats gracing us with their regal presence after we took over the guest room, taking their time to get to know our luggage and our their eventual bed, the flooring and a paper standing lamp that seemed to double as their scratching post.

米龜is a strict room inspector

D later informed us later in the week that both cats actually doubled as mosquito catchers and would make noises whenever they catch sight of the insects.

(It was unfortunate that we learned this late since my travel companion, Alien was visibly disturbed on the first night as 米龜 made strange squeaking noises,  staring at an empty spot around the top left corner of the room.)

I miss the 米龜, 米香, my friends and Taiwan already.

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My love affair with british comedy continues.

Ye Mighty Comedy Gods, please let Miranda Hart and David Mitchell get on more shows together.

(If you’re listening, it would also be nice to see some afforable compilations of BBC Radio 4’s Just A Minute and Linda Smith’s A Brief History of Time-Wasting for fans who live outside of Britain and the cut-throat pound exchange rate.)

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幾年前 還是學生的我,







三年前, 自己的人生忽然亂了方寸。






初戀時候, 開始學會愛一個人。


被甩后, 發現太在乎一個人。

這些是人生必然經過的事, 所以沒啥麽好訝異的。






[ 我真正的人生現在才開始。]







只要是愛過了, 就是一種回憶。







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Books Read 2010

This year’s obsessive and guilty pleasure phase has been that of the television drama.

It has been mostly tiring year (despite the discovery of a few gems) to be glued to the goggle box and I am nearly ready for a respite in 2011.

One however never tires of the written word, so even if the reading has slowed down a little, I remain steadfast in my refusal to succumb to the likes of an e-reader and stick to my well-worn paperbacks and hard covers for as long as I still can. Continue reading

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Overheard: Perils of Bicycle Learning

Overheard at a cafe while awaiting coffee:

A gal explaining to her female friends about why she didn’t learn to ride a bicycle in her youth.

“And of course, I wouldn’t hang out with girls who ride bicycles.”

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Bun Talk

Because I fear that one day I might get into an accident and wake up with amnesia, forgetting my favorite joke ever…

Here goes:

A man tou and a char siew pau go to the cinema together. They watch a tear-jerker and char siew pau cries like crazy, going through wads of tissues while man tou keeps a poker faced expression throughout the film and looks unmoved.

After the movie ends and they walk out, an angry char siew pau turns to man tou and asks “Did you not like the movie? Why didn’t you cry?”

man tou looks at char siew pau, shrugs and replies. “Because I have no feelings (filling).”

Mantou (饅頭) is a plain bun whilst Char Siew Pau (叉燒包) is a bun with pork fillings. If I have to explain this to you, you’re probably not going to find this funny. Now excuse me whilst I duck from all the imaginary things being thrown my way from the people who did. And yes, I do love lame jokes like that.

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