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Words of the Wise

Just a little while ago, I received a bizzare offer to renew a Long-Dead Romantic Involvement.

I immediately politely declined.

Aside from the lack of any more feelings of eros, I was bewildered that said person who had not met me for almost a decade suddenly wanted to renew our non-relationship in the first place. Our contact in this time had been sparse and brief, all via electronic mail. I could have grown tentacles or migrated to the ends of the world for all of what this person knew.

Anyhow, my refusal should have been the end of it, but said party sent a follow-up, demanding a reason for my refusal.

Taken aback (which part of no wasn’t clear enough?), I solicited friends for advice on the proper response and received an array of capricious yet delightful advice, granting me further insights into the different personas of my motley crew of friends.

Best of the Best 

NT: You must never use the word, “Sorry” in your reply, it puts the power back in their hands! (Analytic Breakdown)

PSY: You should reply, “What do you mean?” (Passive-Aggressive)

Chibi Tako: Ignore it. (Repudiate)

Rock Dolly: BREAK THE EGO. (Nullify)

Ditzy: So will you be moving or will it be the other party? (Outlandish)

Alien: I think you’re taking this too seriously. (Android)

What would I do without them?


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Overheard: Perils of Bicycle Learning

Overheard at a cafe while awaiting coffee:

A gal explaining to her female friends about why she didn’t learn to ride a bicycle in her youth.

“And of course, I wouldn’t hang out with girls who ride bicycles.”

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why do we only make resolutions around the new year?

does a new year really signify a new beginning?

new beginnings or new endings?

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During the first day of the Chinese new year, my family plays host to our extended family and the younger sibling takes the chance to invite friends who don’t celebrate the holiday to give us a break from being besieged by the endless, repetitive questions by misguided relatives.

(The usual; “Where’s your boyfriend? Why don’t you have one? What’s wrong with you? You’re not getting any younger you know… “)

This year, an American colleague of my sister was invited; he arrived late to the party, due to a previous engagement. My sister greeted him at the door, all smiles but noticed in confusion that he was carrying a box of mandarins.

The conversation was as follows:

sister: why are you carrying a box of mandarins?
friend: i thought you told me to bring them? they are for your family.
sister: *confused* i said bring two for my parents!
friend: *bewildered* i thought you meant two for everyone in the family!

(During the Chinese New Year, it’s customary whilst visiting to pay respects to the married elders of the family with two mandarins-  you get a blessing in return in the form of a red packet. And yes, you’re entitled to get it for as long as you’re single.)

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Meteor Shower… Not?

Every once in awhile, a romantic streak manifests to heckle myself  in strange ways.

This year, in the form an annual leonid meteor show, I forced myself up in the wee hours of the morning to hobble over to a public park to catch a promised “spectacular show of shooting stars”.

After four hours of lying on a jacket on aspalt ground, all that surrounded me was fellow disgruntled star-gazers wannabes and the sounds of mosquitoes and dialog playing from a nearby big screen projection of the diaster movie “Deep Impact”.

When at last one tiny star streaked across the sky to great fanfare, I decided that my poetic ovetures was used up for the year and helped myself up, slowly walking home in the breaking dawn.

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I’ve re-started twittering (changed an account) since the start of this year and I can’t quite stop. 140 words seem quite good for my occassional brainfarts etc at work.

Unfortunately since Loudtwitter is only able to post tweets to one blog for now, I’ve set updates for it to be at Brittle Peanut for now.

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Linda Smith RIP (29 January 1958 – 27 February 2006)

I still think of you and listen to “A Brief History of Time Wasting”, Linda Smith. RIP. (29 January 1958 – 27 February 2006)

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