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Words of the Wise

Just a little while ago, I received a bizzare offer to renew a Long-Dead Romantic Involvement.

I immediately politely declined.

Aside from the lack of any more feelings of eros, I was bewildered that said person who had not met me for almost a decade suddenly wanted to renew our non-relationship in the first place. Our contact in this time had been sparse and brief, all via electronic mail. I could have grown tentacles or migrated to the ends of the world for all of what this person knew.

Anyhow, my refusal should have been the end of it, but said party sent a follow-up, demanding a reason for my refusal.

Taken aback (which part of no wasn’t clear enough?), I solicited friends for advice on the proper response and received an array of capricious yet delightful advice, granting me further insights into the different personas of my motley crew of friends.

Best of the Best 

NT: You must never use the word, “Sorry” in your reply, it puts the power back in their hands! (Analytic Breakdown)

PSY: You should reply, “What do you mean?” (Passive-Aggressive)

Chibi Tako: Ignore it. (Repudiate)

Rock Dolly: BREAK THE EGO. (Nullify)

Ditzy: So will you be moving or will it be the other party? (Outlandish)

Alien: I think you’re taking this too seriously. (Android)

What would I do without them?

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During lunch before class, I was lamenting to Chibi Tako and Rock Dolly about my latest failed endeavor to the local blood center:

Me: I’ve given up and started on those iron pills because I failed the iron count test again

Chibi Tako: Oh, that’s not a problem for me. My iron’s really high right now.

Me: Wow, really? I thought you would have the same problem as me… It’s getting really annoying to keep failing to make the grade…

Chibi Tako: Yeah, well lately, I’ve been having a lot of the KFC Double Down, MacDonald chicken bites and all these snacks…

Me: Erm… While I’m not altogether sure if your iron count is high, but I’m pretty sure your cholesterol level is.

Rock Dolly: *flailing on the side* I CAN’T BREATHE, DYING OF LAUGHTER NOW. BRB.*

*exaggerated for comic dramatic effect.

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Twelve Resolutions for 2012

Normally my resolution would be not to have a resolution, but I think it’s time for a little challenge to myself this year.

12 Resolutions for 2012

1. Blog at least once a month; minimum twelve posts a year.

2. Write up 2012 Postcards/New Year Cards/Christmas cards to friends.

3. Secret.

4. Work on a third language.

5. 50 books for 2012.

6. Mediate once every two weeks.

7. Do something creative (draw/write/take pictures) once a week.

8. Exercise once every two weeks.

9.  Start practicing driving again.

10. Master a song on the guitar.

11. Work on a plan of action to go stay in the country I really love for six months to a year by 2013.

12. Complete three things on my 43 Things.

(Edited for realistic goal-keeping)

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Define Good or Bad?

After our practice run for the mid term exams this week, I was feeling extra gloomy and chatting with Classmate K (not a native English speaker)  as we were walking out.

Me: *sighing* I did really badly and it was so simple.

Classmate K:  *nodding* Ah… Me, too.

Me: Really?

Classmate K: *puts up four fingers* Four… Miss!

Me: ……

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What We Talk About When We Talk About Weather

How the conversation between the Parental Unit and Me started:

Me: I think the air-conditioning unit seems to be breaking down…
PU: How so?
Me: Er, because it’s no longer blowing cold air?
PU: What temperature do you set the air-conditioner at?
Me: I normally set it at about 26 degrees.
PU: What’s wrong with you! No one sets the temperature like that! It has to be at least 22 to 23 degrees!
Me: I just want the room to be cool, not be a penguin!

(War of words continues for a few minutes…)

PU: Anyway, setting it at 26 degrees is as good as not turning it on at all! It’s just like being outside!
Me: …we average a very sweaty, humid 30 degrees sweaty outside.
Parental Unit: *insistent* IT’S THE SAME!

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Error 101: All My Non-Posts Belong To It

I’ve been getting an “Error 101 connection reset” message every time I tried to access wordpress from home.

It’s pretty much driving me crazy since I’ve be able to get on everything else. Twitter, Tumblr, MSN chat, Facebook, the works. I’ve done everything I could after going through pages of Google searches from clearing my temporary cache files, taking out the SSL, resetting my router, using different browsers even to the point of removing and re-installing them.

But it’s all in naught; nothing works.

It’s almost like the internet gods are telling me to stay away from blogging… As this confounded technology continues to best me and I travel to seek the wisdom of an IT grand master for insights, updates are going to be slow.

Be back in good time, folks!

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Barricades Are There For A Reason

One of the Parental Units suddenly hovers over where I am watching some sports television.

Parental Unit: So, what are you going to Country X to study then?

Me: *slightly incredulous and annoyed at missing on-going sports action* The language.

Parental Unit: Eh? You are not going to study something media related? Why not? Do something relevant?

*Insert main thought which would be… Wouldn’t I need to understand the language first even if I wanted to take a media-related course in a country whose first language isn’t English? *

Me: … I’m not.

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