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Books 2014

Another year of non-productivity yet little books read. One of my new year resolutions will have to be about how I spend last time on the internet trying to consume all pop culture and simply finish reading my books.

This year’s favourite fiction find is a tie between Swann, Leonie Swan’s Three Bags Full and Downum’s Neocromancer series. I pretty much fell in love with the George’s sheep in Swan’s book and while I would rate The Bone Palace as my favourite out of the trilogy, I adore Isyllt Iskaldur and would love to see more books featuring this character if it happens.

Non fiction title of the year for me is definitely Strayed, Cheryl Strayed’s Dear Sugar. I started reading the book on the train, started to tear and then trying to hold it and pretend I wasn’t (in the process probably freaking the hell out of everyone) all the way to the cafe where I was waiting for friends for dinner.

I didn’t explore too much this year in terms of English comics; in part because of tighter reins on my wallet, but Fables is definitely coming to an end, and I will have to try and check what other Mignola titles I might be missing out on.

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