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Books Read 2012

Another year, yet another list of books.

The 50 books challenge hasn’t been fulfilled for the last couple of years and I am painfully aware it’s due to too much time on the internet reading reviews and articles to poring over pictures of cats and tattoos. That, coupled with my gaming needs leads to not-too-surprisingly, a lack of sleep and also inability to string words coherently together.

Also in the the past couple of years, my concentration span seems to have been on a rapid decline. Many a read book has been forgotten if it wasn’t noted physically on a scrap of paper in a scribble upon completion. (It could also simply mean said book wasn’t engaging enough to lodge a spot in my limited brain RAM rather than my brain cells giving it up on me early.)

I’m now pondering a slightly different approach next year to the reading challenge; a few short lines post book-read. An exercise in part a small reminder to force myself to write a bit more (as the lack of entries this year can attest) and in part to think about the book I’ve digested and lastly so I can do a best of series at the end of the year.

Perhaps I should also tack on an Unfinished category?

They won’t make the official count, but it’s a good way to track the books I actually was half-way through before having to return them to the library… Also long considered if I should add the Mandarin books and translated manga? Likewise, they won’t make the official book count because the Mandarin book count is pathetic whilst the manga bit tends to veer to overwhelming…

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