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Like A Hollow Guitar

It’s always lovely when you find a song that aptly describes a certain episode of your life.

My favourite line from the song;

先前很遺憾 沒有結局 
慢慢懂這是 最好的結局

At first, you regretted not being able to have an ending.
But slowly, you realise, this was the best ending you could have.


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During lunch before class, I was lamenting to Chibi Tako and Rock Dolly about my latest failed endeavor to the local blood center:

Me: I’ve given up and started on those iron pills because I failed the iron count test again

Chibi Tako: Oh, that’s not a problem for me. My iron’s really high right now.

Me: Wow, really? I thought you would have the same problem as me… It’s getting really annoying to keep failing to make the grade…

Chibi Tako: Yeah, well lately, I’ve been having a lot of the KFC Double Down, MacDonald chicken bites and all these snacks…

Me: Erm… While I’m not altogether sure if your iron count is high, but I’m pretty sure your cholesterol level is.

Rock Dolly: *flailing on the side* I CAN’T BREATHE, DYING OF LAUGHTER NOW. BRB.*

*exaggerated for comic dramatic effect.

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