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I Watched Saki…And I Really Liked It.

I have a weakness.

No matter what form; be it a book, a manga, an anime, a film or a television series- so long as it touches a subject that I’m interested in, of which there are many, it would get at least get half an hour of my life.

Of late, I’ve become a tad too devoted to Saki, a mahjong themed anime series, designed for a (probably) largely male fan base. Admittedly I nearly threw in the towel within the opening minutes of the series after seeing shots focusing and lingering on a female lead’s overtly-well endowed, bouncing chest.

(For the record, I appreciate and embrace in equal parts, both BL and GL and forms of fan-service. However, focused cut aways on over-sized breasts and voyeuristic shots catching high school girls’s panties lines are simply not my cup of tea even within the yuri genre so I tend to avoid material with too much such emphasis.)

So, why watch Saki if there were so many doubts?

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