Would You Date Your Oshimen?

A little while ago, someone on an AKB48 forum I frequent related how he had been asked by a friend out of the blue as to whom would he would want as a girlfriend from AKB48. The fan’s first reaction had been, “Akicha!” (Takajo Aki, Team A).

No sooner were the words out of his mouth, he reacted with astonishment because his oshimen was not Aki .

Flummoxed by his own reaction, the poster’s question was; how many other people would also choose someone other than their oshimen?

In the responses that followed, while there were many who picked their oshimen as their first choice girlfriend,  a fair number echoed the original poster and picked otherwise.

Some explained their choice as their oshimens being people they respected and therefore saw as more role models or loved as the I-want-to-be-their-friend-or-family sentiment rather than any of the eros quality. I relate to those people because I see my oshimen more as an incredibly adorable and funny person with a lot of ideal qualities that I would strive for and whom I would love to have as a sister.

But what about the folks who picked another girl in the group as their ideal girlfriend instead of their oshimen?

It fascinated me; why not pick the girl you like and support most in the group? Was it that their first choice was too god-like for them and therefore “untouchable”? Or perhaps some of them recognise that the idol whom they love so much might have attributes that might not sit so well as a real life dating partner?

So I wonder…

Would you date your oshimen?


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