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Unseen Gifts

A recently read poem has been re-playing in my head:

The Uses of Sorrow

by Mary Oliver

(In my sleep I dreamed this poem)

Someone I loved once gave me
a box full of darkness.

It took me years to understand
that this, too, was a gift.


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Would You Date Your Oshimen?

A little while ago, someone on an AKB48 forum I frequent related how he had been asked by a friend out of the blue as to whom would he would want as a girlfriend from AKB48. The fan’s first reaction had been, “Akicha!” (Takajo Aki, Team A).

No sooner were the words out of his mouth, he reacted with astonishment because his oshimen was not Aki .

Flummoxed by his own reaction, the poster’s question was; how many other people would also choose someone other than their oshimen?

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