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Twelve Resolutions for 2012

Normally my resolution would be not to have a resolution, but I think it’s time for a little challenge to myself this year.

12 Resolutions for 2012

1. Blog at least once a month; minimum twelve posts a year.

2. Write up 2012 Postcards/New Year Cards/Christmas cards to friends.

3. Secret.

4. Work on a third language.

5. 50 books for 2012.

6. Mediate once every two weeks.

7. Do something creative (draw/write/take pictures) once a week.

8. Exercise once every two weeks.

9.  Start practicing driving again.

10. Master a song on the guitar.

11. Work on a plan of action to go stay in the country I really love for six months to a year by 2013.

12. Complete three things on my 43 Things.

(Edited for realistic goal-keeping)

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