What We Talk About When We Talk About Weather

How the conversation between the Parental Unit and Me started:

Me: I think the air-conditioning unit seems to be breaking down…
PU: How so?
Me: Er, because it’s no longer blowing cold air?
PU: What temperature do you set the air-conditioner at?
Me: I normally set it at about 26 degrees.
PU: What’s wrong with you! No one sets the temperature like that! It has to be at least 22 to 23 degrees!
Me: I just want the room to be cool, not be a penguin!

(War of words continues for a few minutes…)

PU: Anyway, setting it at 26 degrees is as good as not turning it on at all! It’s just like being outside!
Me: …we average a very sweaty, humid 30 degrees sweaty outside.
Parental Unit: *insistent* IT’S THE SAME!


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