Why Some People Think I Am A Social Media Recluse

What typically happens is this…

A new acquintance, friend or workmate in real life would casually ask me, “So do you have a twitter or a blog?”

“Do you not get the whole 21st century social media thing?”

Me: Er, well… *brain flashing to Twitter+WordPress Blog+Tumblr accounts*

All of which are ramblings about things I like, which would include…

Really, it all makes me…

But if they check my blog…

They might end up looking at me like this…

So instead I look them in the eye and tell them squarely, “NO.”

And remain like this…




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3 responses to “Why Some People Think I Am A Social Media Recluse

  1. LOL… u made my day, reading tht 😀

  2. Northern Guy

    I applaud your honesty. Social networking is the next greatest lie in the progression of human technological advancement. People have 500 friends on facebook, yes spend less time in person with friends than ever before. People are tweeting about minutae that nobody else really cares or needs to know about. People are worried that their Facebook posts are not getting enough “likes”. These friendships are virtually… VIRTUAL. There is no way in the real world you can have 500 friends and give all of those friendships the requisite nurturing and attention and *time*. This is an illusion that has been imprinted in the heads of the younger generations: that all human experiences, even relationships, can be “captured and digitized”. Swapping email addresses does not make two people friends. It makes them mutual contacts on a social network. Big difference.

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