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Error 101: All My Non-Posts Belong To It

I’ve been getting an “Error 101 connection reset” message every time I tried to access wordpress from home.

It’s pretty much driving me crazy since I’ve be able to get on everything else. Twitter, Tumblr, MSN chat, Facebook, the works. I’ve done everything I could after going through pages of Google searches from clearing my temporary cache files, taking out the SSL, resetting my router, using different browsers even to the point of removing and re-installing them.

But it’s all in naught; nothing works.

It’s almost like the internet gods are telling me to stay away from blogging… As this confounded technology continues to best me and I travel to seek the wisdom of an IT grand master for insights, updates are going to be slow.

Be back in good time, folks!

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Three Female Tedtalk Speakers To Watch

I feel almost a little sheepish for admitting this, but I really enjoy TEDtalks.

If you’ve never watched one, they are a non-profit outfit sharing and spreading ideas via a wide and varied range of speakers. TED equates to Technology, Entertainment, Design, necessary factors in making a winning presentation.

With that amount of material, I think you would be hard-pressed not to find a subject matter that would interest you. But as always, all good things come with a little catch. Sometimes with so much information, you don’t know where to start or what to see.

Presenting my recommended female-biased three Tedtalks:

1)Mary Roach: 10 things you didn’t know about orgasm.

I attempted to do a real-time English to Mandarin translation for my friend, D during a drinking session one night, but alas a poor memory for vocabulary proved to be my undoing. Then I discovered how the main site has subtitles in many languages. Win! (But not for me and my alcohol-infused brain that night.)

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Why Aren’t You Watching IS?

Why aren’t there more people watching IS – Otoko Demo Onna Demo Nai Sei?  

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First Writes With A Pen

My first pen was a gift from a friend in 90s.

I fell in lust with this beautiful dark emerald green of a roller ball, and while I never knew the make or model of it,  I just knew that this was Special and I would write Great Things with it. I would weigh my pretty in my hands, taking pride in the glean of  its fake-gold tinted clasp and just feeling like a Writer.

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Barricades Are There For A Reason

One of the Parental Units suddenly hovers over where I am watching some sports television.

Parental Unit: So, what are you going to Country X to study then?

Me: *slightly incredulous and annoyed at missing on-going sports action* The language.

Parental Unit: Eh? You are not going to study something media related? Why not? Do something relevant?

*Insert main thought which would be… Wouldn’t I need to understand the language first even if I wanted to take a media-related course in a country whose first language isn’t English? *

Me: … I’m not.

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Why Some People Think I Am A Social Media Recluse

What typically happens is this…

A new acquintance, friend or workmate in real life would casually ask me, “So do you have a twitter or a blog?”

“Do you not get the whole 21st century social media thing?”

Me: Er, well… *brain flashing to Twitter+WordPress Blog+Tumblr accounts*

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