MG2 EP12: Where Almost Everyone Gets A Happily After Till Season 3

It’s been a long and bumpy ride to the finale of Majisuka Gakuen 2, but all corny midnight dramas must come to an end.

What else can I say? Ye drama gods are flightly and frivilous so roll with the punches!

With the number of return guest stars in the finale, my OTP had pretty much minimal screentime, so I might as well get on with a quasi-recap.

We start with Rapapa and the rest of MG High marching off to war, school flag in tow.

Center’s part of the forward charge for Team MG High as they make their final march to WAR.

The foes greatly outnumber our stoic heroes but of course this is no issue in a hot blooded yankee drama! The more impossible the odds the merrier!

Current President and all around hottie Otabe lets MG High get the first snark in by remarking that Team MG High are volunteers whereas the opposition compromises of hired help. I guess this is just her nicer way saying; we’re top class and they are street pickings.

Center seems distracted. I guess she misses the wife Mouse.

Then we get the great steely eyed glaring (Otabe I heart you so much here) and the whole shut-up-and-just-fight-b**** posturing.

We get some flag-waving and the Fight is ON! (I am so relieved that they shot and included this instead of cutting it and directly going into some aftermath story.)

Because this is too awesome not to mention; Never one to miss out on some blood and carnage, Gekihara discharges herself from the hospital to join in the fight, bringing her IV stand in tow.

Gekihara: Is everyone… angry?

God, I love that little psychopath so much.

Back to my OTP:

In the middle of the fray, a familiar sight…

A classic hop and hold…

Nezumi has arrived.

Our resident smart-aleck makes some remarks about people with low grades and messy group fights.

Center isn’t even trying to control her side-splitting grin at the appearance of her honey.

Former allies and enemies alike are equally surprised (or smirking) at the appearance of everyone’s favorite deviant.

Folks, this is what happens when true love friendship happens.

But of course, Center doesn’t CARE what anyone else thinks or says. (She will just mow them down with her punches. Problem?)  Nezumi is HERE and it’s all that counts.

Nezumi: Actually I really hate this idea of partners, partnership…

Just then, Center gets waylaid by more than one sneaky attacker…

Nezumi instantly applies the patented Kick-To-The-Rear-When-You-Touch-Her-Center.

And takes up her regular spot, at Center’s back.

Nezumi: Well… I guess there’s no other way… If it’s for a best friend.

Is that what they are still calling it? I know a lot of us mis-read the tiny subtitle of friend for loveeee.

Center’s patented Puppy Dog Look of Pure Adoration *fan girls all melting in goo*

Oh how they eye-flirt. Tsk tsk tsk.

Our tag team is revived!

Center’s confidence and energy is renewed…

Nezumi just smiles quietly at her better half’s enthusiastic behavior…

Getting set…

And the two are off!

I really liked how the choreographer gave them slightly different fighting styles that match up with their personalities; Center tends to capitalise on her taller frame and strength to engage her opponent head on with straight on attacks while Nezumi tends to stick to tactical dodging and adopts a pull and push sneak-attack system.

(It was particularly beautiful when Nezumi executed this move where she ducks, pulls out the leg of to off-balance her opponent before punching her as she sinks.)

In between we get the Nezumi’s acquaintance giving an explanation for Nezumi’s change; I think that’s really all she was  here for):

Wise Leader: Observe carefully. There’s none of that flippant ease that she carries herself is there? She’s (being) serious. Just like Aesop’s Fables… The rat has finally become human.

(Exit stage. Exit lousy narrator of no point.)

Meanwhile the brawl continues, and we get the remaining two of the Oshima triplets entering the fight just in time to give the classic heart-warming encouragement (“YOU ARE SO WEAK ARE YOU REALLY FROM MG HIGH”) to the girls as they start to falter from the overwhelming numbers.

(I sigh at how Yuko Oshima whom I totally adored in the first season as the invincible president of Rapapa has been reduced to a triplet plot device and flashbacks and dream sequences as a guru-to-enlightment in the current season.)

I capped this just to say; My OTP look so cute

Our couple who have been holding out well smile at their words.

Everyone bucks up and I squeal at the sound of the recitation of a poem. My season 1’s second favorite character comes strolling in, outfitted in stunning black combat gear.

hallo my poetry reading clad in black leather fighter. *swoon swoon* 

That girl has the smoothest moves out of the lot of them and looks like she could take on an army by herself.

And of course, you know who else is going to come a-rushing in…

Black who could make it since she’s on a break from the supermarket. She wants to take out some stress from constant ringing register, yo.

Next up is our lovely friend working in a particular service industry…

She apologises about being late since things were busy at the shop… Given how previously she could only activate her powers after being locked up with chickens in a coop, if they had given her more screen time this time, I would put money on her easily being the most dangerous of the lot.

And because this is the kind of crack we live for; an ambulance arrives next on the scene!

MG High Gal: Is that the sound of an ambulance?
YB High: Has anyone been beaten so badly that they called an ambulance?

Who could it be?

Ex Rapapa Vice-President turned Nurse has arrived to bring joy and good tidings.

Sado: I’ve been too bored this period of time… I need to send a few of you to the hospital…

Time to kowtow at the altar of the queen, folks.

The Yabakune girls do NOT like the turn of events and start whining about how this is against the rules.

(I have a question; how is it considered playing by the rules when you sign on so many other schools as reinforcements when MG High clearly didn’t?)

But since MG High is too bad-ass, Yabakune’s ex head appears with a whole bunch of her flunkies in tow to add more muscle and numbers to the fight answering the previous question.

YB Ex President: Since ex-members are allowed to get involved, why didn’t anyone call us?

And everyone goes into a frenzy with gorgeous quips and both sides throwing jibes and even really corny word plays at each other.

Things finally return to my OTP as Center throws down a challenge to Shibuya who hasn’t been too involved with the action.

Center: Maeda’s stand-in is here! Stop with all your idle chit chat and let’s make an end to this!

Shibuya: Jackass! You’re a decade too early to be Maeada’s replacement!

Nezumi comes to stand behind her woman.

Nezumi: No matter when, Lady Victory will always be smiling upon my direction.

We all smile (at how they are so a couple )as the brawling continues and finally Maeda makes her appearance.

There is the usual time out as everyone gawks at our elusive sakura-eating legend and we get a montage of reactions from all present. When I mean all, I do mean the core members of her inner harem Rapapa. I concentrate on the scene where Center sidles up behind her knowing-smile partner’s side.

I dub thee, “Couple Never Too Far Apart From Each Other Too Long.”

We get a nice fall-in of Rapapa as they do the cool yankee march taking their places behind and beside their mystical Queen Maeda to a stand off with Shibuya. I zone out as a prolonged conversation between Maeda and Shibuya about the meaning of life and how to be serious goes on.

Anyhow in the end, they DON’T fight, cheating many fans of the most-anticipated one-on-one battle this season. A lot of people get teary eyed and everyone just sort of become friends again. Maeda then tells everyone heart-warming things before she decides to surrender herself to the waiting cops outside.

The main point of this overtly long thingy is for me to recap the final conversation between Maeda and my OTP.

Center: Maeda. Our fight isn’t finished.
Nezumi: This way of retiring bowing out is too cool. I don’t like it.
Maeda: The top spot is the both of you.

And just like this, the mantle is passed on.

I’m like… Oh Really? What about your faithful retainer Otabe? How about a new ala Three Kingdoms sisterhood ruling thing in Majisuka Gakuen 3? You’ve already got the brawn and the brains here, but since they are spending too much time being in love, we need Otabe to hold on to things and not allow them to spend too much time gazing into each other’s eyes.

Anyway. Don’t you think My OTP look adorable, bathed in the dying embers of a fake sunset? Orange gel spotlights for the win!

Finally, everyone gathers outside in a somber mood watching Maeda get arrested and taken away by the cops.

A lot of people cry and scream for Maeda, who “hears” them as she is in the police car being driven away and she expresses not regretting how everything has turned out.

The End.

Brittle Peanut’s 2 Cents:

True to expectation, we had a messy conclusion to this twelve episode saga. To the fans who are screaming, is it really that bad an ending? Everyone seemed to have (somewhat) gotten what they wanted?

The old girls got to make a badass comeback and season one lead and perpetual fan favorite Maeda returns, “enlightened” and ready to “help” Shibuya realise her wrong-doings. Everybody just ends up aiding one another and there’s no real bad guy because er, they’ve beaten each other up and gotten the fight out of their system so it’s all peace and love and everyone’s just friends again with new direction in life!

We even get some philosophic meandering about taking life seriously and of course, true to the laws of japanese public television; vigilantism is wrong when you take the law into your own hands, and no matter that it involves beating the crap out of criminals engaged in wrong-doing; you will have to pay for your crimes eventually.

Yes sir, we understand! But why were the cops watching passively outside while the gang fight erupted? There was some point of honor there I’m sure, but it does kind of contradict the whole obey-the-law thing doesn’t it?

But why bother about the strange plot holes? I’m going to simply bask in the the rather sweet ending for my OTP and muse about the possibilities of a Season 3 in the next year or so.


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