A Different Take On Things

On Monday, Chibi Tako took a day off and the both of us went shopping for her elusive shoes. After catching sight of a Abercrombie & Fitch advertisment that was basically a half naked torso of a well-built male, I started to muse aloud on the upper body differences between men and women.

The conversation continued as we walked through an air-conditioned shopping mall.

Me: Why do you think men are so into breasts? I mean females enjoy looking at a nice chest too , but it’s not like we find it as erotic as they do. Do you think it’s just a visual simulation issue?

Chibi Tako: Well… You know they say…

Me: Eh? What do they say?

(Chibi Tako raised both her hands, forming a cupping gesture.)

Chibi Tako: To hold and to cherish…



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  1. *chokes from laughing too much*

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