MG2 EP11: As Good As It Gets

Dear makers of Majisuka Gakuen 2, with just one episode to go, why do you persist in torturing us so?

While I have long accepted that the inevitable likelihood that your ending would incite many into hurling sharp objects at their television screens, it is cruel and additional punishment for the rest of us who are already on board with the relationships you’ve crafted in the series. Why would you allow the ship to dock but not let the denizens ashore?

Please remember; fan service is love, and it’s all that has gotten us to follow you this far, on this too-often botched up ride.

As the episode begins, we get the usual minor politics bickering, Maeda’s return to the fold,  Center and Nezumi flashing back to their recent non-argument, cops going to question Shibuya, blah blah blah. I am cutting to the chase to focus on the most-likely crucial and final developments between my MG2 OTP, Center and Nezumi.

After an unsuccessful attempt to get back into the game of thrones between the high schools, Nezumi returns to MG High, seemingly resigned in the face of her defeat.

She sits alone, contemplating the things that were, things that are and things that will be.

(Oh honey, I hate to say this, but everything started going downhill after your ridiculous betrayal of Center. Jealousy is all good and well, but you need to get things in perspective; just because she is hanging out with the Rapapa Girls, it doesn’t mean she don’t love you with the intensity of a thousand suns.)

Oh look who’s here! It’s your very own cares-for-you-so-much-she-would-go-rescue-you-even-though-its-a-trap-but-dumb-script-insists-it’s-because-you-are-just-friends, friend, Center!

Still smarting from their non-argument-argument, our non-couple couple have a couple-like passive-aggressive conversation.

Center: How is it? Looking at the scenery from here, alone.

Nezumi: It’s not bad. But whether it’s the scenery here or the scenery elsewhere, this is my freedom.

Center: But when you are alone, you won’t get to communicate with others.

Nezumi: Interacting, socializing with others and all that jazz? It’s too much trouble.

Center: Do you know what I am thinking about right now?

Nezumi: If you are alone, you don’t need to answer this type of ridiculous question.

Center: This feels so lonely. (Awwwwwww)

Nezumi: What’s wrong? This isn’t like you, Center.

Center: I wanted to talk to you, Nezumi.

Center: I’m thinking about you right now. I am thinking if there is anything I can do for you.

Nezumi: I don’t need you sticking your nose into my affairs.

Center: You’re right. I am just being nosy. But even if you don’t want me to bother, I still want to make it my business. *pauses* You are my partner.

(For clarification, the mandarin subs here used the word, 伙伴, which translates to buddy or platonic partner of sorts. But I think we can mostly agree at this point that their relationship is rather beyond that.)

Nezumi: This feels heavy…

Center: In this world, only you would think of it that way.

(Further clarification: the subtitles for Nezumi’s reply here were, “真沉重”. It actually connotes to mean that Center’s words are a heavy burden for her. )

Nezumi tries to leave, but Center stops her.

Center: We are partners right?

Nezumi: Let go of me.

Center: Nezumi, listen to me carefully.

Nezumi: Shut up!

Nezumi throws a punch at Center, sending her to the ground.

Nezumi: Stop going on and on about this whole “partner, partner” nonsense! If you want a partner so badly, go find someone else! No matter how you’ve been betrayed, you just won’t learn! You only know how to say all these pretty words that make me mad.

Nezumi: How does it feel? To be hit by someone who is supposed to be your sworn buddy? It feels just like being betrayed by your sworn buddy right?

(I heard that this beating scene caused some fans to hysterically scream, “I don’t believe in true love anymore!” Have ye more faith, little ones, Center has already shown us in previous episodes that she subscribes to the “pain is love” school of thought.)

Somehow in the midst of throwing a punch, Nezumi ends up falling onto the floor with Center.


Nezumi: *screaming* Why won’t you be disappointed in me? Why don’t you hate me? Why won’t you leave me?

Center: Because I like you!

(You say like, I say love, but we’re still talking about the same thing right?)

Nezumi is stunned by Center’s renewed declaration of love.

(I’ve lost count how many times Center has declared her affections in the series. Does she have to take out an ad on TV before you get it, Nezumi?)

Nezumi: I hate you.


Nezumi: I really hate you! I am going to betray you. Definitely… And betray you again… Until you understand…We’re not any kind of sworn buddies!

(No, you two are SO obviously not. Beyond caring what your lines says. La la la la la~ You are L.O.V.E.R.S. Please. )
The violent display of  love continues for abit.

Eventually with one too many blows to the head, Center’s fighter-mode comes on and she finally gets up and shoves Nezumi.

(Fans gasp; will this be the much awaited push down?)

( Yes! Yes! Yes!)

And stands up, throwing a solid punch in return, sending Nezumi sprawling onto the ground.

(No! No! No!)

(I can hear the collective sigh over ruined opportunities.)

Nezumi: *jubliant* Yes. Just like this. Continue to hate me!

Center (probably dazed from the blood in her head and clearly not intending to hit her beloved) does not reply as Nezumi gets up and throws herself forward to return the blow and begin the fray for real…

Only to…

(Say it with me again. Awwwwwwwwwwww….)

We get a whole emotional exchange with Nezumi struggling and telling Center to let her go, while Center refuses and tells her that she won’t let go.

Center: Nezumi. Don’t leave me by myself…I need you…

Nezumi: Center…

Center: *tears falling* Stay by my side… Don’t say you hate me…


The tightly-hugging duo sink onto the floor…

And Center peels back the hoodie that Nezumi has always worn…

(We  get the scene in a few different angles because it’s an important METAPHOR. No complains here. This could go on foreverrrrr….)

Center: Nezumi, I need you. No matter what happens, I will always…

And we get…

A hug.

And tears.

(Well… happy makeup tears?)

Her domestic problems brought to a close, Center joins the ranks of Rapapa for the upcoming high school civil war.

(Dog who got the mouse smile, check.)

Meanwhile, we cut back to Nezumi who is sprawled out on the floor like this.

(Ahem. After a visit to the MG forum I regularly visit, I was gratified to find that I wasn’t the only one with strange thoughts about this scene. I’ll just say I don’t think it’s good manners to leave your lady alone on the floor after you’ve completed your business.)

We get the requisite MG High School fraternity posturing picture.

Center seems content with her new role as part of the emergency aid package for the motley crew…

Nezumi on the other hand, remains alone, gazing upon the school flag.

She gets up and makes ready to leave.

What will be her final response?

Brittle Peant’s  2 Cents:

And here we have it! Rejoice Nezumi x Center shippers! I think this is irrefutable proof of their all too lovey dovey “just friends” relationship depicted in the drama. For those are unconvinced, I am sure you folks have normal friends who just tell you all the time that they like you while giving you intense stares, get beaten up to save your ass even though they know they were running into a trap, and of course, go look for you in deserted school halls to let you hit them before smothering you in bear hugs telling you they need you and giving you one of the a omg-just-kiss-already-non-kiss-but forehead to forehead thingaling.

In light of the post-non-kiss fan furor, I would like to highlight some of the great responses I’ve read online; the sense-and-sensibility-comment,”It’s a midnight drama for a mature audience so WHY NOT?”, the fan-service-is-so-a-part-of-our-world-okay comment, “Doesn’t Jurina (who plays Center) have a kissing demon reputation in the group? *insert gazillion pictures of her self portraits play-kissing other members*” and of course, my all-time favorite, kill-them-with-logic comment, “It’s not like they can get pregnant with a kiss so what’s the issue here?!?”

Honestly, people? This is as good as it is going to get. Jail bait plus idol drama makes many a thing not possible. (Albeit one that I am entirely convinced now that was designed to appeal to the fan girls rather than the fan boys. But I am keeping those comments for the finale’s afterthoughts.)

What’s really on my mind now is; what next for our couple?

Since the upcoming war seems inevitable despite Maeda’s attempt to sort things out, Center has chosen to side with the ranks of Rapapa in the upcoming battle but Nezumi isn’t likely to help them out of sheer goodwill. If she so desired, given her often surprising network of connections, she could probably muster some form of aid. (I guess Otabe can always send Center to smother Nezumi with love for help.) Or Will Nezumi spring yet another end-game surprise and unveil a hidden ace up her sleeve?

With one episode to go, all that one can say for sure is; War Is Coming.


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