MG2 EP9: A Fight, A Hanky, I Think This Could Be True Love

Seriously, how much more exciting can my MG2 OTP get?

We’ve have had the trepidation of feelings, the confessions, the denial, the jealousy and now the drama! This is no mere deliquent high school drama!  This is an action-romantic-dramedy all rolled into one!

And how can you not love my One True Pairing, Center and Nezumi?

They are one of those great drama couples where you don’t even need to look for hints of their relationship because it’s ALL so blatantly there. I am serious, folks.  The script has become just filled with so much OMG-DID-I-JUST-SEE-THAT moments that I am starting to believe that the people who wrote it have been bought off by the fangirls.

We start with Nezumi explaining her not-quite-ingenious plan to the Yabakune Girls to trap Center while her partner charges down to her side after receiving her earlier  faked in-distress call. Once again, I sigh and wring my hands at Season 2’s crazy scripting and try to shut out my formerly brilliant Nezumi sprouting off about yet another nonsensical full of loopholes,”master plan”.

The only bit I focused on was when she referred to Center; she says something akin to;  “My Center is really very strong and you shouldn’t let your guard down.” and I just go awwwwwww. I mean, despite the fact you are selling out your girl, you still view her as yours? This further convinces me that Nezumi is merely acting out of jealousy over Center’s “deflection” to Otabe and Rapapa rather than really wanting to see her partner get hurt. Emotional fallout spilled over to real life drama, no?

I mean, let’s face it, Nezumi’s fool-proof winning strategy is to ask the Yabakune Girls to stall and use time to tire out Center in the fray. Because Center has no stamina? This is her idea of a grand tactic? Or peraps deep down inside, she doesn’t want to see Center beaten and hurt?

Nezumi had been previously defensive over Center in dealings with an irritated Shibuya who demanded to have the person responsible for the revenge beating on Nezumi’s attackers. Later on, when Center took Otabe’s place for the challenge set up by them, she persisted in defending Center and that eventually cost her the alliance.

Even after this setup for Center, she didn’t want to stay at the scene of crime and tried to leave. I like to think of it as her angry retort to Center, a lashing out with the whole, I-covered-for-you-and-you-repay-me-by-joining-up-with-our-rivals?

But Nezumi is in for a nasty shock though. The Yabakune Girls turn on her, citing a betrayal of her mate as the worst kind of behavior. Honor among thieves, eh? But the preceding scene reaffairms why I LOVE Nezumi to bits.

Even in the face of insurmountable odds:

This is the face of Nezumi.

I LOVE IT. Even in the face of an impending death, the girl is unrepentant. She sighs and dismisses their “honor” and the whole friendship, loyalty concept as outdated thinking conventions.

And even as she walks the talk, the girl got moves.

The Dodge With Hands In Her Pockets.

The Hustle & Rustle.

But most importantly, the great comebacks.

Yabakune Deliquent:  *trying to club Nezumi* Were you bullied as a child?

Nezumi: *smiling* I was the one who bullied others.


Unfortunately, she is still eventually outnumbered and out maneuvered, brought to her knees.

Just when it looks like the Yabakune girls look set to silence the pesky Mouse for good…

Princess Charming, Center arrives in true gangsta fashion, making her way none too gently through the mob.

In perfect badass fashion, she proclaims, “I will kill whoever touches my partner.” and fangirls swoon across their screens.

Operation Rescue Nezumi isn’t too successful and they are separated as Center takes a beating with quite a few blows to the head trying to be all heroic and a human shield. Someone should tell her she should consider bringing something called backup or otherwise, a weapon. Preferably both. She tries a different strategy to beat out a path but ends up being surrounded and trapped…

I sigh at Center’s unnatural obsession with one-on-one fights. I would also like to express my disbelief at how, when surrounded by so many girls with weapons, why on earth did she not try to snatch one and deliver some return punishment. Yes, one can talk about how it isn’t honorable. But given how this is a gang-up, I think the notion of fairness in the fight is already moot. Anyway, isn’t the point of such fighting to WIN?

Half dazed, our lone wolf steels herself for a beating…

Which is timely stoppered as Nezumi shows that her boots are not just meant for walking.

Nezumi sidles up to a very surprised Center’s side, stating,  “How can I let you be alone?” and even the Yabukune thug seems stunned by their flirting talking.

The strongest new tag team emerges…

For love and war!

A  Yabakune tries to make the first move, screaming, “This is not some low budget high school drama!” and I crack up at the meta.

Nezumi dispatches her with style…

And adds an insult about her school grades. Man, that girl is cold. Nezumi is more posessive than she admits; she has the whole no-one-messes-with-my-girl-except-me vibe here while Center peeks behind her adoringly.

The two engage in some pre-fight flirting banter.

Center: This is the first time that I’ve seen you actually in action.
Nezumi: This is also the first time I’m not in a winning fight.

Oh, get a room you two.

The two get off to a terrific start,  and we get a whole montage of an old-school HK buddy-movie style fight as they aid and cover for each other in the fight.

But their previous injuries and the sheer numbers overwhelm them…

Things don’t look too good for my OTP. Will I get to see yet another last minute confession of love? Priorities, priorities…

Help comes unexpectedly with one of the Cheese Hot Pot girls popping up to announcing the (fake) arrival of cops at the scene; the Yabakune girls are gone in a flash.

An outraged Nezumi screams at the departing  Yabakune,  “Why fight if you are so afraid of the cops!”. She gets the best lines, really.

Our ever so-observant Center merely gazes upon her and tells Nezumi, “Your lip is cracked.”

Center trudges over to offer a handkerchief, gentleman courting manners all.

Nezumi refuses it, guilty complex and all while I just flag SKINSHIP! Yes, I take my kicks where I can get them.

But Center won’t take no for an answer…

*squeak squeak squeak*


Afterwards, the pair trudge off into the sunset, leaning on each other as they make their way to some riverside..

They have a cutesy banter where Nezumi asks if Center’s injuries were hurting and Center is all like no, Nezumi is like who are you kidding and Center gives a totally manly and cool answer about feeling alive with the pain.

All I can think is; the directors keep sending them to the best places for these talks. They are all alone and yet nothing EVER happens.

This is what happens when you ship jail bait in an OTP in a japanese idol drama.

The two have their most honest conversation (to date) which involves Center announcing her intent to join the ranks of Rapapa in the upcoming fight. I smack my forehead because this is so not the right thing to say to your partner who probably set you up for a trashing because she was jealous of your involvement with the same group you’re abandoning her to run off to.

Perhaps sensing the sudden coldness, Center quickly does a turn-around, reciting along the lines of how Nezumi is her only beloved partner.

I snort because this fumbling explanation sounds so much like you telling your significant other, “My dearest, even though I might find others attractive and go to them for abit, but I will always return to you for you are the one and only person in my heart.”

Eventually Nezumi confesses her betrayal to Center.

Nezumi: I…betrayed you to the  Yabakune girls.

Center: I know.

Nezumi naturally freaks out asking the usual why-did-you-come-then and masochistic but unrelenting Center continues her earth-shattering declarations of love with the, “My partner called. Of course I have to go.” and the whole, “But I believed you would stand by me in the end.”

At this point, all I can hear is Crying Out Love from the Center of the World.



OMG What.. I don’t even-



I think… this could be True Love?

Later, we see Center back at The Rooftop, alone. She clutches the blood-stained hankerchief offered to Nezumi.

She gazes at the hankerchief with Nezumi’s blood. One must admit this part is a little bit scary-stalkerish. These are some intense feelings here. Do just-friends hold on to blood mementos of each other? (If this occured in real life, I would be telling you to back away slowlyyyy from this “friendship”.)

And we get a flashback to their first encounter…

Center who is strolling through the school grounds with her Herman Hesse in hand comes across a paper plane.

She opens the paper plane to discover a cutting about a politican discovered to have been taking bribes and she turns to turns to see who tossed it. Flying into the heart, yeah I get the metaphors.

Who is that girl with the pink hoodie?

Da Thump Da Thump~ What is this strange feeling I feel inside me.

When she gingerly asks if this person in the paper was family, Nezumi replies that it is her father. (Nezumi uses an additional formal prefix here for father. It’s almost like “My Most Esteemed and Honorable Father.” with a sarcastic tone.)

The two of them bond over their impulses to kill and their irreverent fathers leading to:

Nezumi: It’s not good to kill anyone.

Center: That’s true. It’s not good to kill anyone.

Perhaps… this could be True Love.

As Center looks back in fond memories of their first meeting, Nezumi suddenly appears in the backrooms of another high school. Apparently very well acquainted with the female head of the gang there, she replenishes her energy with her favorite instant-cup noodles while  making ambigious conversation about the new state of affairs in the upcoming civil war between the schools. Why is this important?

Nezumi: Because, Center is my True Companion…

Whatzza with that smile???? Nice new hoodie by the way.

On the other hand, Center seems to have come to an important decision at the Rooftop…

Brittle Peanut’s 2 Cents:

I think of Nezumi’s betrayal of Center as an incredibly jealous tiff gone bad. Her knee-jerk reaction is understandable given that her partner seems to refuse to listen to her any longer and is instead, constantly fratenizing with the girls of Rapapa whom she deems as enemies.

Center on the other hand isn’t proving to be the brightest bulb in the room; I mean on one hand you’re constantly declaring to Nezumi, “I like you! You are my only partner!” and the next you are having one on one meetings with Otabe in the boardroom and visiting Gekihara at the hospital and getting all up close and personal. I get that story-wise, Center is having a personality growth spurt, but it does seem like her assertions and actions with Nezumi are contradictory and can only serve to inflame the insecurity on Nezumi’s part.

Of course, given my belief in Center being totally besotted by Nezumi, if Nezumi were to actually sit Center down for a heart-to-heart chit chat over biscuits and tea or even a bedside romp,  this could probably all be resolved nicely without any sticks or stones breaking anyone’s bones. But I guess when you have been an overthinking loner like Nezumi for so long,  you tend to take things to the extreme when you think you’ve been let down by your love partner.

Although this episode re-affirms their affections for one another, I am puzzled by Nezumi’s real intent.

Her appearance in the new school, the newest player in this game, has made it obvious that she is far from out of the running in this battle. Will she yet turn out to be the major antagonist at the end who really is just using Center? Or will Center yet pull another rabbit out of the hat and show how aware she is of the machinations of her partner, but has simply chosen to keep one eye closed towards it in the past?

So the real question is, will True Love win out? I certainly hope so. Till the next episode~


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