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A Different Take On Things

On Monday, Chibi Tako took a day off and the both of us went shopping for her elusive shoes. After catching sight of a Abercrombie & Fitch advertisment that was basically a half naked torso of a well-built male, I started to muse aloud on the upper body differences between men and women.

The conversation continued as we walked through an air-conditioned shopping mall.

Me: Why do you think men are so into breasts? I mean females enjoy looking at a nice chest too , but it’s not like we find it as erotic as they do. Do you think it’s just a visual simulation issue?

Chibi Tako: Well… You know they say…

Me: Eh? What do they say?

(Chibi Tako raised both her hands, forming a cupping gesture.)

Chibi Tako: To hold and to cherish…


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MG2 EP11: As Good As It Gets

Dear makers of Majisuka Gakuen 2, with just one episode to go, why do you persist in torturing us so?

While I have long accepted that the inevitable likelihood that your ending would incite many into hurling sharp objects at their television screens, it is cruel and additional punishment for the rest of us who are already on board with the relationships you’ve crafted in the series. Why would you allow the ship to dock but not let the denizens ashore?

Please remember; fan service is love, and it’s all that has gotten us to follow you this far, on this too-often botched up ride.

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Mourning A Breakup in 7 Songs Or So

“Where there’s love, there pain.” Spanish Proveb

“where there is love, there is pain.”

In the aftermath of a breakup, everyone has their ways in dealing with the  throngs of emotions surging through you. I mostly go for the the torture-yourself-thoroughly method; a rather masochistic school of thought that believes that you need to get worse before you get better.

I once explained to a friend; it’s like getting injured and using some horrifically painful medicine to treat the wound. It hurts like hell there and then, but at least you know you will get better rather than allowing the wound to fester and kill you slowly, excruciatingly and inevitability.

My method advocated grieving in the privacy of a darkened room at night, being unable to cry even though you feel your heart is breaking. Testing the patience of your room mates by putting sad songs on repeat mode until they knock on your door to ask you nicely to please-oh-stop playing those songs because they are about to go mad from the music all-too clear and vibrating through the too-thin walls.

Here is my grieving song-list, suggestions for folks who too, have been recipients of a mind-and-sense numbing breakup. It’s a playlist I made to allow myself to wallow (and indulge) in my suffering and be caught up in my emotions for a little while.

But remember, it’s not forever, and really, life does go on.

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The Bodyguard In Less Than 5 Minutes

I always thought that the 1992 Bodyguard movie was two hours too long with the wooden acting. Someone else obviously felt the same; so re-realised as Whitney Houston’s 1999 version music video of “I Will Always Love You.”

The Bodyguard summarised in 4 minutes 35 seconds. Enjoy it! I certainly did.

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MG2 EP9: A Fight, A Hanky, I Think This Could Be True Love

Seriously, how much more exciting can my MG2 OTP get?

We’ve have had the trepidation of feelings, the confessions, the denial, the jealousy and now the drama! This is no mere deliquent high school drama!  This is an action-romantic-dramedy all rolled into one!

And how can you not love my One True Pairing, Center and Nezumi?

They are one of those great drama couples where you don’t even need to look for hints of their relationship because it’s ALL so blatantly there. I am serious, folks.  The script has become just filled with so much OMG-DID-I-JUST-SEE-THAT moments that I am starting to believe that the people who wrote it have been bought off by the fangirls.

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Rough Sketch 1- Food Theme

one of my first rough sketches from what the 姐妹s talked about last night:

not exactly the prettiest but...

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