Technology Gives, Technology Takes

I’ve spent the last two hours wondering why gibberish characters were showing up on an English webpage both in Firefox and Internet Explorer. With my limited IT skills, I have turned to the assistance of other expert opinions and suggestions- using the Help button. I see a possible solution on the forum and attempt to find the evil fonts that were subverting my ability to read the second page of a interview that had sparked off the entire escapade.

It didn’t work.

I went back to the drawing board. Something about View-Character-Encoding… Why on earth was my default Character Encoding Unicode instead of Western? I click to change it, close the window, and open a new one. It changes back.

I do it again, Western-ISO-8859-1 to Unicode-UTF8. It changes back. I stare at the toolbar. This damn thing is taunting me. Western-ISO-8859-1 to Unicode-UTF8! Not the other way. After furiously clicking sixty times, going back and forth, I rage internally, Why are you doing this to me?

After another hour and feeling the temptation of hauling my laptop across the room and  into the wall, (Which I didn’t since my rational self totally understood the futility, not to mention expense which would incur from such an action. But damn if wouldn’t have been satisfying.) I utilize the power of Google again… It is unhelpful.

I should have chosen to major in Computer Science despite my limited mathematical and science abilities. Now, my computer is Possessed and there is nothing I can do about it.

The final trick of all not-so-literate computer users. Control Panel… Uninstall A Program! When in doubt, take it out and put it back on again.

It still doesn’t work. This is now very, very, very annoying.

Why do we do this to ourselves? Isn’t technology supposed to aid us rather than hinder us? Why didn’t the internet and computers come with easier-to-understand manuals. Why do parents get mad when we are not computer experts who can trouble-shoot and work out all their computer problems.

Past Scenario

Parent: Fix this weird thingy on my netbook.

Me: *after examining strange system pop ups*I can’t. I don’t know how to.

Parent: *accusingly* You haven’t even tried.

Me: I don’t have to. This isn’t something that I  understand or can fix.

Parent: *angrily-hands-on-hips-posture* You are not looking at it properly!

Me:* exasperated* I am really not an expert at this kind of thing.

Mother: You spend so much time at your computer! How can you not be able to fix this?

How does one argue with flawed logic like that? How does one win arguments with parents? I think I have enough of modern day marvels for today. I’m going to bed.


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