Cat on a Hot Tin Roof

Frankie & Cat, Lip Service

Frankie: I shouldn’t have run away from you.

Cat: Why did you?

Frankie: I was scared. I didn’t think that I deserved you. I panicked… Stupid… I should never have left you.

Cat: I thought… If you knew me that well… And you could still walk away, there must be something really wrong with me.”

When Cat uttered those lines; I felt for the first time in the series, a sense of tenderness towards her. It was like I had finally comprehended, or gotten a glimpse of her turmoil and the internal suffering she had been struggling with towards Frankie.

The abrupt end of a relationship tends to leave one in pieces. It happens to the best of us, and you feel broken somewhat after. But most of us; we learn to deal with it, pick ourselves up, and move on. But what happens when the person who rejected you wasn’t just a partner?  This person was your best friend, someone whom you always thought understood you, knew you best? Without good reason or even a proper goodbye, he or she just… left.

You keep smiling through the tears even as your friends reassure you, it wasn’t you, it was him/her. You smiled, you agree, you know it will be alright, but somehow, the tears wouldn’t stop flowing.

Cat wasn’t just someone caught up over Frankie’s depature; she was gripped into paralysis by a belief. A belief that she was the problem. Because of you, was probably a phase drummed and echoing in her head for the two years she held off dating.

Although Cat isn’t my favorite character in Lip Service, it’s hard for me not to feel a sense of kinship with her. She feels too real with her neuroses and idiocracies, a general awkwardness as she stumbles through the haphazards of life. She is embarassingly relatable as I watched her try hard to hold herself together, to move on, even as her unresolved past with Frankie left a gaping emotional wound that never quite healed.

So, here’s my wish for you, Cat in the next season of Lip Service.

Whomever you do love, rather than continuing to break anybody’s heart(s), make a decision. But please, make a choice not because you worry about letting down faithful Sam, or because of a fear that whirlwind Frankie might let history repeat itself and leave again.

As you deserve as much love in your life as the next person, there is no shame in following your heart. Many a time, there is no decision that can satisfy all parties concerned, so it will be better to make one based on what would make you want, even if in the end, it isn’t to everyone’s satisfaction.

Quoting Dr Seuss, “Don’t cry because it’s over. Smile, because it happened.”


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