MG2 EP4: Like (A Love) Confession

Okay, so last week’s moment on the rooftop wasn’t really a confession. It was apparently one of those little morsels to whet our appetite for the remaining eight courses to come; but even as I found myself somewhat squealing at a particular scene, I did a double-take and went, “Ah… To be young and so forward again…”

I am giving a pictorial clue for the scene I am talking about~

Really, it was simply one of those golden rewarding moments where you simply want to scream, “YES!” at your screen. Half the fun for me in these kind of dramas are the excited fans; they farm pure gold from the tiniest of details and turn many a what-the-hell-were-they-thinking cringe-worthy moments into rewind-rewatch-repeat gems. So if you are lucky enough and the forum you hang out at is filled with awesome fans as such, you get the gazillion screen caps, movable gifs, fan parodies, and hilarious comments; the full works in the building of a great ship.

Today, we start with Nezumi, shuffling on the rooftop instead of the swimming pool…

While Center is busy beating the stuffings out of the punks who targetted her little mouse.

Despite my delight at her pounding them into the ground, I can’t help but recall that her partner had forbid her expressly from seeking any revenge. I guess it’s safe to say here that listening isn’t Center’s strong suit.

Nezumi gives off a nefarious smile while I gloat at the return of our nefarious schemer…

All the while, Center continues throwing punches while still looking good. I screencap this just for the pretty.

While not so hapless Nezumi time-jump and appears in the inner sanctums of the rival high school, Yabukune High to continue a meaningful discussion with Shibuya, the new gangleader of the girls who just sent Nezumi on a trip to the local A&E ward.

We get the all important explanation in a flashback to their previous encounter, where Nezumi continues to prove that nothing is ever quite as it seems with her…

Nezumi easily catches Shibuya’s punch.

She calmly explains that much like Shibuya, they have a common enemy in Maeda.

Nezumi: One day, it will be our turn for a one-on-one.

Nezumi: But for now, please go ahead and hit me.


Cut back to present time as we return to Shibuya and Nezumi in their talk. Shibuya steely informs Nezumi about a recent attack on her girls.

Nezumi remains calm. Until the description.

Some lone wolf badass in a MG High uniform plus cardigan. (Refraining from saying what kind because I ain’t sure.)

Well, no prizes for guessing who.

Nezumi pleads ignorance, citing MG High as being a hotbed for various fighters. It’s a famous yankee school afterall isn’t it?

Shibuya accepts the explaination this time but reminds her of their shaky alliance and warns to keep a closer watch on the happenings at MG High. Nezumi meekly acquires.

But behind her easy and different air, Nezumi taps her plaster cast and darkly ponders on the situation…

Very soon, back at our couple spot aka The Rooftop; our couple have a discussion about not listening to your partner.

Nezumi: I heard you created a big scene. Don’t take those nobodies seriously; the festivities are  just about to start.

Center: What are you planning?

Nezumi: Nothing much.

Center: You’re such a strange person. Not bothering even to cover up when telling a lie.

Nezumi:When you cover up but leave a clue, then it’s not a lie.

Center:  That’s what I like about you.

Nezumi: It’s a first for me to hear someone say they like me.

Center: Don’t be sarcastic to me.

Nezumi: ?

Center: I like you.

Nezumi: Thank-Thank you…

CENTER’S SMILE. *Fangirls souls entering rapture* (Insert note to remind audience that this kid is wayyy underaged okay?)

It’s okay Nezumi, we’re all pretty much frozen too.

OMG! Why so sad, Center?

This would be a perfect time for a backhug. Just saying.

But Nezumi remains shell shocked and we sigh and wonder what might have been…

And return almost immediately to business;

Center: So who do we get rid of first? Rapapa? Or Yabukune?

Nezumi: All we need to do is to get finish off whoever wins in this upcoming war.

And our couple’s business with each other concludes in this episode.

Brittle Peanut’s 2 Cents:

So the game of thrones is afoot!

Nezumi’s gameplan is clear; she is out to ignite war between the schools with the help of Shibuya, who in turn is mainly obsessed with her revenge fight against Maeda. Nezumi intends to simply reap the profits by cleaning up the em-battered winner without actually putting much physical effort, a swanky and smart move as always. But what gets me is this; this is nothing new.  Maeda (despite whatever funk she currently is in) has always been aware sof Nezumi’s manipulations and workings. So why has Rapapa been so unprepared against Nezumi and Center? Why only now, is Otabe brought in to handle the problem? Is this a case of hiring a consultant to see what has gone wrong with your company after you are close to bankruptcy?

But what really intrigued me this week was the rooftop exchange between the couple. Center was aware that Nezumi had been lying somewhat about her being beaten up. Center went knowingly to beat up the Yabukune girls despite knowing that her partner had not been entirely honest with her.

This puts a totally different spin into their relationship; Center is not entirely naive to the schemes of Nezumi while Nezumi in turn, cooly admits her lie. There is so much awareness between the two that it’s driving me crazy.

But I guess this is where their bond lies in, besides being Herman Hesse fan girls? But with Center having actively disobeyed Nezumi in taking revenge and her trying to get another fight with Gekihara towards the end of the episode despite knowing that she might be putting a dent on Nezumi’s plans, Center doesn’t seem like she would be content to simply sit back and follow Nezumi’s every instruction. The pair’s relationship will probably be further be tested with their conflicting ideologies (hinted even during the first episode) and it will be interesting to see what it breaks under the strain or becomes stronger as they work towards achieving their goal to the top.


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