MG2 EP3: Two of Us

Three episodes in and my Majisuka Gakuen 2 OTP, Center and Nezumi are heating things up on screen. I sure know how to pick ’em.

We begin with our couple having a quick rendezvous at their favorite hang out aka The Rooftop.

Nezumi grumbles aloud about a new stumbling block to her nefarious schemes while Center simply basks in the sunshine.

(In a knitted top. If that wasn’t a love gift from Nezumi, I am going to have questions about its purpose other than it being easy for me to spot her in the crowd.)

Center sends Nezumi a strange longing look behind her back…

After some meandering  montage of other characters, we return to our couple (still) on the rooftop where Nezumi pops a long over-due question.

Nezumi: If we succeed in taking the top spot, what would you want to do?

Center: Who knows? I only want to take a look, see what the view is like up there…

Nezumi is lost in her own unreadable thoughts…

Center: *continues after a beat*…with you. The two of us.

I don’t think me and Nezumi are quite sure what we’ve just heard. Is it a love confession? Just three episodes in? Someone’s going to get hurt real bad if this is just a teaser!

Center’s EARNEST look should be deemed ILLEGAL.

Still-in-denial Nezumi stays calm after the confession.

Only a heart of steel could resist this sad puppy dog look. You’re killing me, Center.

But it’s like the Mouse to not give a little hope.

Nezumi:  The view from the top spot will be pretty good…

And they look off into the horizon… (Sigh….)

Later, Nezumi decides to try a little backdoor dealing with the the enemy…

Which is perhaps not the brightest idea when your enemy has her entire shoes-stealing team behind her…

…proving thus when she gets her tiny arse kicked for her trouble.

Poor baby. Where is your Mean Machine Girlfriend when you need her?

The next day, a bandaged up Nezumi returns to the fold…

Center decidedly is not happy about this turn of events.

She wants blood for this sacrilege! Blood!

BLOO- Hmm…?


Nezumi: Calm down.

I sense anything but CALM raging in Center right now.

Center: But what would you do if the same thing happened to me?

Nezumi: Take revenge of course… With interest.  But I wouldn’t just blindly rush into it without thinking things through.

Earth calling Center! Body contact seems to have melted whatever that has been left of her brain cells.

Nezumi: I’m okay, really.

I really want to give her a hug when I see that abject look of misery.

You know the saying when you want something, the universe conspires to give it to you?

On her way to goodness knows where, Center is targeted by the same group who gave Nezumi a trashing.

Center: I’ve been waiting for you.

Clenched fists of fury!

When Center flashes you her forehead, it’s a sign she is about to administer a beating that will make you forget your surname.

Meanwhile, her beloved Nezumi reclines by the dis-used school pool…

Back in the not-as-nice part of town…

Bring it, punks.

Suddenly Nezumi’s trademark all-knowing smile flashes…

She can walk without her crutches! It’s a miracle!

Float like a butterfly, sting like a busy bee! You can’t keep a dishonest Mouse down!

Nezumi is no World-Dominator-In-Planning for nothing! Is this all a game for her? Will Center ever find out? And will she ever be honest?

Brittle Peanut’s 2 Cents:

What would I do without all the truth and lies?

So nothing changes and Nezumi remains the key puppeteer pulling at everyone’s unseen strings. Will Otabe unravel them before it’s too late? Or will Center end up spoiling her fun?

On a slightly different note, with most of the tough and charming fighters from Season 1 either graduated or MIA within the show, I think Center is going to be claiming the female fan-base for her unabashedly headstrong and of course, devoted character. It helps that she is also incredibly direct about her feelings for her partner; one of the many character traits that has been designed to appeal to shojo and BL fan girls.

At this point though, it’s too early in the game to be know if Nezumi isn’t going to end up breaking her heart (and possibly a hundred other fangirls) so it’s best to try and remain level headed?

Oh, who am I deceiving? OTP, c’mon and fire it up!


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