MG2 EP2: Brain and Brawn

Two episodes in and new power struggles begin!

It seems like the favorites from the first season, Oshima and Maeda are going to be taking  backseat roles in this drama. Herein lies the all-important(to fans) question; Who are the new leads? Then we get to the second question; doreally care when I can get my Center and Nezumi goodness?

My answer:

Scenes like these makes it (almost) worthwhile sitting through other cringe-worthy ones. I really don’t mind cheese or corn within the show, it’s when I feel that the makers are taking themselves too seriously that makes me arch an eyebrow. I swear the two girls are trying hard not to bust a gut from not busting out in laughter. (I so do want to see some BTS of this. Some kind wota please find and upload it to youtube? Okthxbai!)

And our shorten reacap begins with Brains and Brawn injecting some Goodfellas machosim in their March To War…

Our pair trek through the deserted hallways… While I understand that we are only into the second episode, but the absence of teachers is incredible this season. There was at least a male lecherous school doctor and crazed principal in the first season, so how about installing a janitor who cleans somewhat in the second?

This is why I watch Majisuka Gakuen. The standard I-will-beat-the-stuffings-out-of-you-if-you-get-in-my-way delinquent girl look.

But first, flashback time! We get to see our delightful Nezumi laying out her game plans to a new group of lackeys…

While Center reclines behind, looking bored…

Nezumi continues her pitch to a rapt audience.

And Center continues her watchdog mode in expressing disgruntlement with someone expressing disgruntlement Nezumi.

*Nezumi excutes her I-can’t-believe-I-have-to-do-this-despite-my-evil-genuis-pout*

This is what you get when you recruit down the pack, girl.

The atypical why-should-we-listen-to-you trashing talking new folks.

New recruits are so demanding these days…

We want handshake session tickets before we join!

Nezumi sighs inside.  I continue to question her taste in recruits.

Center remains aloof. I screencap this because she looks nice here.

But she does not like ANYONE to disturb her woman when she’s talking.

Shut up! Those photo books and handshake tickets are MINE.

Oops. Rat pack understands they have just enraged Alpha Female.

New Rule of the Day: You do not interupt Center’s girl when she’s speaking.


Nezumi has the exasperated do-I-finally-have-your-attention-now-look?

Cut back to present day…

What’s the story, Morning Glory?

Beauty has its benefits. A new posse quickly gathers behind them.

And we flashback again to Center’s “re-education” the day before.

Your standard warning sign whenever Center flashes her forehead!

Training day seemed to have been very effective.

I wonder what this new group they are forming would be called?

Please follow Nezumi’s new action symbol.

SO trying hard not to crack up here.

Important since it was obviously a still and recolored in black and white.

Return to present day; a new group Team Cheese in yellow has joined them. Like Team Hormone, it’s a food thing. Apt given the cheesiness of their lines. Did I just say that?

Insert Kill Bill theme song here please.

My babies looking oh so fine~

And the first serious contender around a corridor…


Center: I love spicy food.

And the fight is on! It spirals into a classroom with various objects and maniacal laughter…

Everybody’s favourite madhouse Gekihara and the stoic Center’s fight promises blood, guts and glory…

Only to be interupted by the remaining Oshima triplets (IS THIS ALL YOU CAN COME UP WITH AKI-P?) and a beaten up member of Team Hormone. Center doesn’t care. She only wants to continue her fight despite Gekihara offering an apology.

Just as things look testy…

Hello sweetie~I need you to calm down~


Check out Gekihara salacious look behind. Tsk tsk tsk.

Center is not pleased.

Nezumi appears to be the Voice of Reason and Understanding as she waxes lyrical about how this is not the time for a civil war while trouble brews outside while everyone is stunned.

Center is still not pleased. Are you mad about the interuption or that your girl seems to be protecting someone else?

But Nezumi is all infalliable logic. Center leaves in a huff.

“War! War! War!” whispers the Mouse as she leaves.

I just wanted to put Yokoyama Yui’s cap in here because she looks so cool as the Kyoto transfer student and new Rapapa president, Otabe,this season. (Yui, I heart you.)

Outside, our Nezumi hasn’t been a good Samaritan in bidding a stop to the fight for nothing…

Nezumi: “There are no winners…in a war.”

New president Otabe continues to look good and concerned in the Rapapa room whilst Maeda wanders outside with some sakura petals. I guess it’s supposed to be poetic or something.

Meanwhile on our couple’s hotspot, The Rooftop…

Center: “The bird fights its way out of the egg. The egg is the world. Who would be born must first destroy a world.”
(Quote from Herman Hesse’s 1919 Demian)

Nezumi: You’re a real fan of Herman Hesse.
Center: That’s why I fight. The dawn is coming.

Center makes to leave…

Nezumi: Walking seriously on your own road. You’re really a hero.

Center: Such a big Herman Hesse fan…

Nezumi flashes yet another enigmatic smile and it’s game on for the top spot of Majisuka Gakuen…



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