Pre-Trip Blues

Everytime I ready myself for a trip; I end up thinking three things.

One, my next life goal is to become the inventor of a disposable yet solid-enough-to-withstand-travelling-wear bra.

Two, that I will overcome my pre-packing woes that  tend to revolve around trying to decide which one pair of shoes, jacket or bag that I should bring that will not be regretted.

(You will understand my pain when you’ve been in bad shoes during extended walk-abouts, overtly hot/cold weather with a too-heavy/too-thin coat and a too-small bag when you’ve just discovered a wonderful bookstore and the rest of the day ahead of you.)

Three, that I will lay off the internet, stop procrasinating and finish up my packing instead of whinning.

Off to ready myself to be off to my second home of homes after nearly a three year hiatus. Stories and pictures of my mini-odyssey with Alien to come!


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