MG2 EP1: New Beginnings

What makes a show super watchable for me?

Nezumi(Watanabe Mayu) and Center(Matsui Jurina)

Yes, you guessed it; when the alarm bells ring for signs of my first OTP in the series.

You know it’s canon when you check out the placement for the pair during their opening titles.

Meeting Rapapa head on.

Roof top gazing…

Matching backs with their heads in the clouds…

Standard yankee posturing…

Disclaimer: Before any gentle reader who has wandered upon this post go any further, I would like to explain that if you are looking for detailed recaps or AKB information; this is the wrong place. I am not a wota and know nothing of the group beyond the drama. These posts are generally for me delve deeper into my new OTP, Center and Nezumi, and I will periodically (back dated most assuredly) put up some pictorial evidence and squealing of their love  relationship together…

Without further ado…

This is Center.

She’s an action over words kind of gal.

She can be very persuasive.

And likes to get up close and personal with people.

Even a boot near her face can’t faze her brilliant smile.

Because Center has only one goal in this life;to get the top spot in this delinquent girls school to become the King of the Hill.

Meet her Queen, Nezumi aka Mouse.

Nezumi is your typical evil genius sort who spends her time constantly hatching some new game plan to take over the school.

She likes to work behind the scenes from her spot in the shadows and played the primary antagonist in the first season. She is pretty good at manipulates the general populace to great effect, doing her bidding.

With all her smarts, I don’t understand why she wouldn’t be working on graduating from school and going into politics for real world domination. Perhaps it’s the whole big fish in a small pool thing?

So what do our unlikely duo have in common besides their obvious bond?

A love for Hermann Hesse it seems.

The Rooftop aka their Couple Spot is deigned as their hideaway for talks about global domination but most hopefully a place away from all those pesky interruptions that tend to occur during love confessions.

One of their earnest conversations is as follows:

Nezumi: The entire world…

Nezumi: …can’t escape from the palm of my hands…

Normally quick to pick a fight Center seems to find everything that Nezumi says and does very charming.

Nezumi returns an engimatic smile.

Because they understand each other in bizarre ways that no one else does.

This excellent mash up of brains and brawn alarm others enough to secretly spy on them. I’m afraid it’s still a little too early for any damning action.

The significant trouble in paradise between the lovebirds partners is that Center is a big believer in taking the bull by its horns while Nezumi favors the whole “let someone else capture and slaughter the damn thing while I wait here to reap the rewards.”

It doesn’t stop Center from constantly giving the oblivous Nezumi these piercing glances. I think this is going to be a common occurrence.

Nezumi however isn’t some weak pastry as she has led most to believe.

She favors classical music before a fight.

Enjoys playing leap frog over a hapless body…

Smiles sweetly at you…

“Look Ma! No hands!”

“It’s just little tiny me…”

“…Your worst nightmare come true.”

This is her true face, punks.

I love it.


Are you all ready to listen?

After her persuasive and instructive session with her new minions, Team Under, the lovebirds duo meet in yet another deserted classroom for a makeout session discussion on the upcoming war with Rapapa.

Nezumi has taken the time to crunch some numbers and add to the wall art; it’s to be a stamina fight! She’s done the sums! She will waste their energy! It can’t go wrong!

Center looks confused at all the maths and figures about her. She’s probably thinking; where the hell did Nezumi find time to do this? Wouldn’t she rather be making out with her? I wonder too.

It’s okay Center, you can leave the heavy thinking to Nezumi. That’s why you’re Pinky and she’s the Brain.

Center’s job is to look all cool and aloof and hot as she stares out of the window aimlessly.

Nezumi sits back to enjoy the sight.

The two muse on their next step into the relationship, I mean action… Till the next episode…


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