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MG2 EP3: Two of Us

Three episodes in and my Majisuka Gakuen 2 OTP, Center and Nezumi are heating things up on screen. I sure know how to pick ’em.

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Everything but the Cat

Our crashing-over began with the cats gracing us with their regal presence after we took over the guest room, taking their time to get to know our luggage and our their eventual bed, the flooring and a paper standing lamp that seemed to double as their scratching post.

米龜is a strict room inspector

D later informed us later in the week that both cats actually doubled as mosquito catchers and would make noises whenever they catch sight of the insects.

(It was unfortunate that we learned this late since my travel companion, Alien was visibly disturbed on the first night as 米龜 made strange squeaking noises,  staring at an empty spot around the top left corner of the room.)

I miss the 米龜, 米香, my friends and Taiwan already.

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MG2 EP2: Brain and Brawn

Two episodes in and new power struggles begin!

It seems like the favorites from the first season, Oshima and Maeda are going to be taking  backseat roles in this drama. Herein lies the all-important(to fans) question; Who are the new leads? Then we get to the second question; doreally care when I can get my Center and Nezumi goodness?

My answer:

Scenes like these makes it (almost) worthwhile sitting through other cringe-worthy ones. I really don’t mind cheese or corn within the show, it’s when I feel that the makers are taking themselves too seriously that makes me arch an eyebrow. I swear the two girls are trying hard not to bust a gut from not busting out in laughter. (I so do want to see some BTS of this. Some kind wota please find and upload it to youtube? Okthxbai!)

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Pre-Trip Blues

Everytime I ready myself for a trip; I end up thinking three things.

One, my next life goal is to become the inventor of a disposable yet solid-enough-to-withstand-travelling-wear bra.

Two, that I will overcome my pre-packing woes that  tend to revolve around trying to decide which one pair of shoes, jacket or bag that I should bring that will not be regretted.

(You will understand my pain when you’ve been in bad shoes during extended walk-abouts, overtly hot/cold weather with a too-heavy/too-thin coat and a too-small bag when you’ve just discovered a wonderful bookstore and the rest of the day ahead of you.)

Three, that I will lay off the internet, stop procrasinating and finish up my packing instead of whinning.

Off to ready myself to be off to my second home of homes after nearly a three year hiatus. Stories and pictures of my mini-odyssey with Alien to come!

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MG2 EP1: New Beginnings

What makes a show super watchable for me?

Nezumi(Watanabe Mayu) and Center(Matsui Jurina)

Yes, you guessed it; when the alarm bells ring for signs of my first OTP in the series.

You know it’s canon when you check out the placement for the pair during their opening titles.

Meeting Rapapa head on.

Roof top gazing…

Matching backs with their heads in the clouds…

Standard yankee posturing…

Disclaimer: Before any gentle reader who has wandered upon this post go any further, I would like to explain that if you are looking for detailed recaps or AKB information; this is the wrong place. I am not a wota and know nothing of the group beyond the drama. These posts are generally for me delve deeper into my new OTP, Center and Nezumi, and I will periodically (back dated most assuredly) put up some pictorial evidence and squealing of their love  relationship together…

Without further ado…

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Majisuka Gakuen 2: First Thoughts

It’s a tough life being a sequel. Not only do you very rarely live up to the original, you get slammed when you follow the previous formula a little too closely and end up being a complete bore.

Yet some viewers like it that way; why rock the boat and change what works? But if you are one of them, I hate you, you probably love reality television and all it’s re-incarnations and one of the reasons why good drama programming in television is dying. I prefer that they try to shake things up a little to keep everything fresh and alive, but most of all, to surprise me.

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Still not watching Boss 2?

You’re totally missing out on the fun.

I live for this crack.

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