Weekly 5- Five Female Characters

Next Friday Five! Last week were the boys boys boys, who would be the girls girls girls?

Top 5 Female Characters

5.     Lara Perkins from “The L Word”(played by Lauren Lee Smith )

I have a thing for chefs, a sous or soup chef is no exception.

4.     Victoria “Vicki” Nelson from “Blood Ties” (played by Christina Cox )

Besides the ability to use any weapon and major kick ass fighting skills? The hot glasses and physical body of perfection? The wonderful witty comebacks? Hmmm… Nope, sorry, can’t really think of any more reasons…

3. Sara Sidle from “Crime Scene Investigation” (played by Jorja Fox)

I failed most of my science classes but still found much to love about this forensic geek.  Besides being smart and great at her job, she also manages to look good in Kevlar and leather jackets.

2.     Shane McCutcheon from “The L Word” (played by Katherine Moennig)

The girl whom my own sister would kill me to have. That and having a girlfriend who could do your hair prefectly?  Priceless.

1.     Luce from “Imagine Me & You” (played by Lena Headey)

The perfection that is Lena Headey manifests in Luce the florist.  I would definitely be swinging by her shop everyday for advice on growing spices and veggies every chance I got.


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