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Books Read 2010

This year’s obsessive and guilty pleasure phase has been that of the television drama.

It has been mostly tiring year (despite the discovery of a few gems) to be glued to the goggle box and I am nearly ready for a respite in 2011.

One however never tires of the written word, so even if the reading has slowed down a little, I remain steadfast in my refusal to succumb to the likes of an e-reader and stick to my well-worn paperbacks and hard covers for as long as I still can. Continue reading

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Overheard: Perils of Bicycle Learning

Overheard at a cafe while awaiting coffee:

A gal explaining to her female friends about why she didn’t learn to ride a bicycle in her youth.

“And of course, I wouldn’t hang out with girls who ride bicycles.”

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무한걸스3 (Muhan Girls 3)

Did MBC hear my Christmas wish?

Muhan Girls 3/Infinity Girls 3/무한걸스3 begins this month!

Muhan Girls 3

Pardon me whilst I squeal!

While of course Hwangbo was and still is the same reason for me being into Muhan Girls, the all-female cast, concept of the show just appeals to me.

Although styled to be the female version of Infinity Challenge, Muhan Girls has always felt more like a girls out loud outing with your mates. (The kind you can count on to tell everyone about  your drunken antics the night before although they pretty much were up to the same nonsense.)

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Weekly 5- Five Female Characters

Next Friday Five! Last week were the boys boys boys, who would be the girls girls girls?

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