Weekly 5- Five Male Characters

Almost a new year with weeks to go; revival of the weekly five meme!  The top five fictional male characters I would go for…


Top 5 Male Characters


5. V in V for Vendetta (played by Hugo Weaving)

A choice made entirely due to a speech.

I shouldn’t have to tell you which one. There’s a lot of Vs in it. Go google it or watch the film.

Admittedly the mask and pyschotic devotion to his cause which  involved torture (physically and mentally) towards his Chosen (the perfection that is Natalie Portman) wasn’t exactly the most salubrious nod towards V as a lover, but envy over such an alluring monologue lifted him into the top five.

(That and by the time this entry was written, I was most tired and unable to urge Brain to push out anyone else.)

side note: despite the presence of my other great love, the ever charming and witty Stephen Fry, something about said film still didn’t work for me. I take great comfort in the fact that at least I got to gush over his screen-time.

4.  Yakumo Itsuki in Mystery Folklore Scholar Yakumo Itsuki (民俗学者八雲樹) (played by Oikawa Mitsuhiro 及川光博)


What else can I say? Yakumo Itsuki as a Japanese folklore anthropologist hit my soft spot of scholarly but awkward sorts; the kind who would always clearlybe smarter than I could ever be, but somehow incredibly gifted with an inability to read people or actions in social situations.  Or danger at the wrong moments until one is literally in a pit being buried alive.

Yet there was something so infinitely endearing about the intelligent, bumbling but honest to a fault young man that made you want to smack him across his head with a hard object one moment but then smolder him with a bear hug the next. Definitely a show that warranted a follow up that sadly didn’t materialize.

3. Jareth in Labyrinth (played by David Bowie)


Seriously, if you have to ask why he’s on this list, you were either born too young or too old. Either way too bad for you as other Labyrinth fangirls rejoice in less compettion and bask in the perfection of Jareth the Goblin King.

Who could forget the maestro who would grant your every wish, romanced you all dressed up with an original song in a magical masquerade, whose only request was for you to love him and yet managed to get devastingly rejected at the last moment?

No wonder all our perceptions of love since then has been warped.

2. Akiyama Shinichi in Liar Game (played by Matsuda Shota)

秋山 信一

I can’t quite decide if Akiyama Shinichi plays to the archetype of the Magician or the Hanged Man in Liar Game. (Fangirl scream: Whatever, He’s Still Totally My Thing) An epitome of the chic genius, Akiyama’s quiet confidence is mesmerizing as he outwits and ruthlessly vanquishes the opposition.

No need to feel too sorry for them though; after two seasons, most of they still seem hypnotized by the delectable tid-bit in front of them. He plays a mean end-game anyway, so they might as well be captivated by that icy demeanor in a tall slender model-body framed in his classic white shirt and black pants…

Seriously, how does one man exude such an inviting smoldering sexiness?

When he raises that teacup to acknowledge another with a playful wink, it is so enthralling that you want to push him down the floor and… play chess with him. Or maybe charades. Stripping ones. That needs to include alcohol and a rule that involves both parties stripping, win or lose.


Well, one can always dream…

1. Abe no Seimei (安倍 晴明) in Onmyouji  (played by Mansai Nomura)

安倍 晴明

If there was a reason to fault Mansai Nomura’s potrayal of Abe no Seimei in Onmyouji, it was that he was too…perfect. Historically, Abe no Seimei has been recognized as one of the most powerful onmyoujis in Japanese history; in this film adaption, he was also clearly the most charismatic.

The sublimity of Mansai Nomura’s performance is the effortless precision Abe no Seimei carries himself.  Be it the casual yet refined little body gestures, the innocent playful smile-smirks; one not only fully comprehends the legend behind the court sorcerer’s magnetic presence, you wonder at the willpower of  anyone who could not have been attracted to this bewitching man.

Reading one of Basho’s haiku (translation byR.H. Blyth and found here) best sums up the sentiment he arouses in me:

the temple bells die away

the scent of flowers in the evening

is still tolling the bell


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