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A Spoon And A Durian

AL taught me to eat durians with a spoon today.

It was a bit daunting balancing the pulpy seed on the metal spoon, but the most deterring factor was came from people nearby who were gawking at us. I think they can’t quite make up their minds if we were brilliant or crazy. (I warrant it’s the latter.)

When questioned about when she started doing this, AL explained that her friend had taught her the trick after she had complained about the inability to wash off the strong smell after consuming the King of Fruits.

“I guess some people might argue that it takes away the “authentic” experience of eating the fruit?” she says, “but keeping the smell off my fingers is more important.”

To paraphrase, I guess this is having your durian and eating it too?


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Gravity or Reality?

“I remember, when I was a little kid, I was good at sports, and I could jump off the high board,” Prose says. “And then puberty hit, and suddenly I was looking to boys for direction. I remember that as a great loss. I still have to work my way back to where I was at 13.”

Francine Prose, Interview at NPR

The activity and age when it happened might have been different, but the sentiment rings true for me. I want to get back to how I was at thirteen, willing and ready to jump off whenever, where ever, whatever.

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