sweet potato cake, wherefore art thou

I’ve been into the sweet potato for awhile… But in the last week or so, it seems to have escalated into something that I can no longer deny.

Sweet potato of my eye…

Even though there’s always someone else more eye-catching….

You’re still the one for me…

Sweet Potato Of My Eye

Sweet Potato Of My Eye

Whether you’re the Indonesia variety (which currently retails at 27 cents a kilo at the local supermarket)

Or the Japanese variety (which first set my heart aflame after a taste at a barbecue, a diamond in the rough, all wrapped up in aluminum amongst the shimmering coals)

In a steaming bowl of bur bur cha cha to warm my heart (amidst the bustle of crowded hawker centres and steely eyes glare of office workers waiting for me to vacant my seat)

Or reigning as a kingly Taiwanese tuber calling shots with a shop of its own (sweet potato milkshakes, fries, balls, dumplings…)

News of the existance of a sweet potato cake existing in the bakeries of South Korea has set my heart further racing. ( Via the filial actions of  Andy from Shinwa on a variety program, We Got Married. Yet another good reason to love the show.)

Sweet Potato Cake… When… Shall we meet again?


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