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To the Lettuce Couple: To The World!

It’s been awhile since I’ve been obsessed with anything, but the 1st year anniversary of the meeting and appearance of my favourite television couple, Hwang Bo Hye Jun (ex-Chakra) & Kim Hyung Joong (SS501) from MBC’s reality-variety show, “We Got Married” is good fodder for a bit of fangirling raving.

Initially my watching this older woman-younger man pairing was primarily because of Hwang Bo. I’ve been a fan ever since I caught her appearances on the defunct but legendary K-variety show, “X Man”. She was the constantly the subject of gags about her natural tanned skin or being too masculine. I loved her for those reasons; an easy-going air, her natural beauty and a refreshing no-holds barred laughter coupled with unbridled competitive enthusiasm to do the best she could.

(I’ve never really understood the gags about her being too guyish; she was quite the fashionista and WGM revealed her competency in domestic skills such as cooking, sewing or knitting. If just being a bit more tomboyish than her overtly girly peers deemed her male or unfeminine, I think more than half the women on this planet are doomed. Not to mention quite a few men too.)

The whole getting-into the Lettuce Couple love saga was a little late for me; they had left the show by then, but thanks to the enthuasim of other die-hard fans (I love you all!) on the net, I managed to catch up what I had missed via Youtube, the crazy yet wonderful Joongbo thread at Soompi.

A large part of my doubts at the start was my uneasiness about the young groom’s idol status- Korea is quite famous for it’s anti fans and I had no wish to see a favorite celebrity of mine get attacked maliciously for trying to do her job. However, slowly but surely, the evolution of this awkward couple stole their way into my heart. (And so many, many others.) Each episode was just a barrel of mirth and laughter, and watching the two of them work hard in this make-believe marriage changed but also re-affirmed my perceptions about love and marriage.

The final farewell episode for the pair was nothing short of a emotional roller coaster ride of emotions for me; I don’t think I’ve been so caught up in a couple since getting into the CSI Grissom & Sara ship from Season One. (Side note: I believed and waited for seven seasons in CSI, so my fangirl half will patiently await this couple too.)

ssangchu couple

Finally my well-wishes to the couple:

Happy first anniversary to you both who has brought me much joy, laughter and tears to my 2009. I will always be grateful to the pair of you for being a beacon of light at a time in my life which felt like a long running dark tunnel with no end in sight. Whatever happens in the future, I wish the pair of you nothing but future happiness and success in your endeavors. May the both of you experience as much delight in your own lives as what you’ve brought us the viewers.

“To the world!”

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Untouchable feat. Hwayobi- It’s Okay

Thanks to my recent piqued interest in a variety show, “We Got Married”, I’ve re-discovered Korean music and got rather hooked on this warm, feel-good vibe song of a Korean rap duo, Untouchable, featuring R&B singer, Hwayobi.

Untouchable feat. Hwayobi- It’s Okay
Lyrics can be found at 6 Lyrics

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