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I’ve re-started twittering (changed an account) since the start of this year and I can’t quite stop. 140 words seem quite good for my occassional brainfarts etc at work.

Unfortunately since Loudtwitter is only able to post tweets to one blog for now, I’ve set updates for it to be at Brittle Peanut for now.


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5 Things

tagged by fellow cake whore stopframe

“Comment to this post and I will give you 5 subjects/things I associate you with. Then post this in your blog and elaborate on the subjects given.”

1. cakes!

how do i count the ways i love thee? it probably started with the traditional McDonald’s white birthday cake and evolved over the years to sweet smelling pandan chiffon cake, fluffy yellow cheesecakes at coffee bean or nydc to cedele’s melt-in-your-mouth chocolate truffle cake. even now i slow down to allow a lingering and loving gaze at any filled glass displays of cakes.

there was also a period of time in my life where i longed to become a night baker. not like an award winning pastry chef in a big kitchen, but more like a baker in smaller shops which i saw in Perth. i had this image in my head that i would be in there all night to the wee hours of the morning with the radio on, surrounded by the smells of baking and being happy to be alone and away from the bother of people, politics or playing dress up etc…

2. books

it’s really one of the things left on the planet which can thoroughly distract me, and one of the things i treasure in my life. my thoughts of being able to pack my life into one suitcase is constantly bombarded by which books i should pack with me if i were to need to leave.

i do the 50 book challenge yearly, made the 100 last year, and decided to take it easy this year. according to some friends, i have an ability to recommend books for friends that they would become quite keen on.

3. wanderlust

my dream when i first started out in the media industry was to become a field producer. it was probably hatched in my wild scheme to be able to find a job that would actually pay me to travel. i still have it at the back of my head and think of going to grow pumpkins or other fruits and veggies in japan, trek in peru and finally experience alaska or antarctica.

all i can say is someday, someday… i’ll be there…

4. british comedians

in singapore, we used to have a fair bit of british comedy programs like mind your language on telly, but it was really around 2000 when I had a kiwi for a boss and he sent me the mp3 of an episode of just a minute and i became enamored of bbc radio four and the british wit.

their brilliance and humour led me to numerous crushes and i became incredibly fond of linda smith (a brief history of time-wasting), rediscovered my old love, stephen fry (qi, just a minute) and who could miss out the duo of french and saunders?

(there’s also jo brand, kenneth williams, catherine tate, paul merton, emma thompson who started out as a comedian… i could go on. )

5. lizards…

all i can is that it’s a phobia, and it’s rather irrational but… It wasn’t always like this though; i actually used to play with those realistic looking lizard rubber models, but somehow it just started to look too real and scary.

i also recall an incident where my mom was about to pour me a glass of water before i headed to bed and a lizard had slipped into the clear water jar and drowned as my mom turned around and absent-mindedly poured me a glass. she started to get angry and rail at me as i stood there dumbly staring at the drowned lizard with beady eyes floating in the jar staring at me as she tried to make me drink the water.

lately i’ve been wondering if such memories are real or just something i dreamed into being.

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